Electronic music for the mind


a dutch DJ and producer.

Passionate about music since i can remember.

Started with mixing cassette tapes as a 12 year old and not much later vinyl and cd’s.

I played in several clubs in the area of Amsterdam. And also produced tracks mainly in trance and progressive style.

Later on i organized many events together with DJ colleagues under the name of BunkerBeats, Beats on the beach and other collaborations.

A couple of years ago i started spending more and more time in my studio and all this effort is now translated in tracks with a little story to tell.

The style of my productions are hard to categories, i like my music melodic, uplifting with a raw or rebel edge.

Electronic music for the mind... Hope you like it!

Track name: This is what you know

Remix: Reggy Lem

Label: Neonius Records

Release date: 16-12-2021

Track name: Mistique Eclipse

Remix: Reggy Lem

Label: Neonius Records

Release date: 05-10-2021

Track name: Sequence

Remix: Reggy Lem 

Label: Deepmode Digital

Release date: 07-9-2021

Track name: When There Is Nothing.

Label: Yeiskomp Records

Release date: 25-5-2021

Track name: Shift In Frequencies.

Label: Deepmode Records

Release date: 21-5-2021

Track name: Below Sea Level.

Label: Sunstate Records

Release date: 08-2-2021

Track name: Resilience.

Label: Deepmode Records

Release date: 22-1-2021

Track name: Monkey Mind.

Label: Deepin2music

Release date: 28-8-2020

Track name: In My Head.

Label: Deepin2music

Release date: 03-7-2020

Track name: Sunset Beach.

Label: Deepin2music

Release date: 19-6-2020

Track name: Trust Me.

Label: Deepin2music

Release date: 15-5-2020

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